Index of “locals” appearing in the 1 March 1907 issue of the Burlington Repulican Newspaper, Kit Carson, Colorado


Due to the poor condition of the original newspaper, the microfilm is a difficult to read.  Hence, the “creative guessing” on some of the names.  (microfilm of the Burlington Republican courtesy of the Stephen H. Hart Library, Denver, Colorado.)

Date page column article title title given name surname code
1-Mar-07 1 1 Locals Mrs. M. J. Coakley visit
Dr. C. A Gillett visit
Mr./Mrs. Griswold visit
M. Eversol business
Archie Abbott business
john h. breed business
Miss Alice L. dodd visit
Mrs. clarence smith visit
E. F. Murphy visit
Mr./Mrs. F. L. aten visit
Attorney E. S. knight business
J. K. Rouzze business
J.W. Tipton visit
Mesdames Wm. Seaman visit
Jessie williams visit
jake love accident
R. G. Collins subscriber
J. W. Tipton business
G. E. Miles subscriber
Pearl Shannon employment
C. A Alderman subscriber
F. C. Trude homestead
B. F. Flemming subscriber
Harve fellers employment
Mr./Mrs. W. M. Milhoan visit
Mr. W. M. Milhoan employment
E. E. Franklin School
Mr./Mrs. S. N. Dolan School
Charlie Dolan School
Frank Dolan School
2 Mr./Mrs. E. G. Dalds Baby
Mr. scott Felers visit
Milton Felers visit
Harve Felers visit
Everett Vawter visit
Attorney P. B. Godsman visit
County Treasurer Price business
Lewis Long business
Evelin hopkins visit
Master Morrison McCoy visit
W. B. Morrison visit
Eugene Boggs visit
J. A. Boggs visit
Mr./Mrs. Joseph A. Collins visit
C. H. Davis visit
Gormer williams visit
William Cutler visit
Stephen Davis resident
S. W. Smith visit
F. T. Aten business
J. K. Rouze business
Walter C. Dunham visit
S. N. Dolan resident
Mr. Davis land
Mr. Williams land
Abraham sandage land
H. C. Bohn business
C. C. Like business
Jake ?ckson business
M. E. Chur? Laidies Aid
Nettie boyles Laidies Aid
morgan powell visit
morgan powell land
Chas. P. Knight business
Wm. Gannon land
Mr. A. N. Coritiss subscriber
Chas. Nealey subscriber
C. H. Davis subscriber
M. C. Stevens business
3 How They Prosper G. B. Kunk land
Promotes Water System A. W. winegar city
Auto Accident A. W. winegar accident
Mrs. Emanuel Hackenberger accident
Petit Jurors jacob schllehnmayer
F. F. Little
J. C. Pearce
W. E. Reili
C. F. Bramaster
C. S Penelton
W. M.
A. C. Fisher
O. L. Davidson
Detrict Blanken
Charles jackson
G. D. Smith
Angus Menzier
Earl Hamilton
J. P. Evans
Frank Amet
Roy Pratt
Link Hina
A. D. Borton
Ralph Jones
James Barnett
C. S. Thompson
Permits to wed Geo. O. Gates wed
William W. Newell
Luly St. James
Edward R. Wade
Bertha A. Towers
John R. Blair
Minnie J. Owens
Railroad Relieved County Treasurer Price
Promise of Park A. W. winegar land
John English land
C. jiveden
4 Real Estate Transfers T Cristopher C. land
Louis Vogt
Frank M. Walter
Thomas Arbathnot
E. Price
E. J. Huston
Elizabeth m. M?ley
Edson A. Clother
Annie Newell
J. B. Crone
Geo. S. Winchell
Peter Guthrie
Peter Guthrie
C. E. Guthrie
Daniel F. Wade
A. L. Elebracht
W. H. Lavington
Martha J. Coakley
Annie Newell
Elizabeth A. Alexander
A. M. Lopeman
T. C. Lopeman
Maria P. Wright
H. Griswold
Chas. T. King
Chas. T. Wenger
Cornelia Klass
Ida M. Beohm
Hannah McElheny
J. E. Abbott
W. H. Abbott
Madison Hall
S. D. Selby
G. J. Ziegmann
Reuben Holloway
Roscoe C. Yarnel
Lucian Cover
Frank A. Dusbon
Minnie J. Owens
Anna J. Hoss
Fred Holliday
E. D. Davis
jacob Wingler
Funeral Rites Observed Mr./Mrs. Rural Cain Obit for a bird
Homesteaders Chas. W. Beck homestead
Richard N. Cotterel
Ray Bell
Alex Malikowski
Chas B. Eggleson
Geo. E. Brown
John Jones
John Morgan
Edwin D. Jones
Nellie M. Plage
Raymond C. Parker
Lulu Plage
Maybelle G. Southwell
David A. Parks
Cora R. Plage
Mary Schact
Dora Schact
Joseph A. Gates
William D. Parks
Vessie Leenunt
Frank Pelky
Daniel H. Groves
John S. Bedford
Carl D. Burlingham
William M. Cotterell
Benjamin F. White
Robert W. Nell
Melvin T. Haun
Peter S. Spaans
Alvin R. Mort
Christian Bohm
Alvin R. Underwood
Irvine M. Underwood
Etta Donat
Sarah E. Lichtenwalter
Joseph E. Parker
Edgar P. Brown
Anna J. Geraghty
Mattie M. Smith
Nellie M. Tierney
Sadie Gee
Nellie M. Geraghty
Roy Madden
Henry nuttbrook
Nathan Coats
Society Event Mr./Mrs. A. G. Pugh
Martin Grindle
For Better or For Worse Rev. C. A. Yersin
Wm. Newell
Mrs. Luly St. James
Aid Society Meet Mrs. Grant Stettler Laidies Aid
6 Consumation of Love Edward R. Wade wed
Bertha Tower wed
Rev. C. A. Yersin wed
New Postmaster W. R. Smith employment
Miss Ida M. Listen employment
7 Flager L. T. Reeme Land
E. Mottiger repair
Dr. H. L. Williams business
H. W. Brown business
Frank James business
W. W. Reynolds business
M. E. Church Notices Geo. R. Machod religion
Flager (cont) Mrs. H. Wasson visit
Mr./Mrs. Huntley visit
Mr./Mrs. Geo. O. Gates visit
5 1 Geo. L. Wilkinson business
6 1 Grant Stephenson ads
G. Howard ads
G. B. Kuk ads
Frank Bryan ads
D. Rosser ads
Dave Rosser ads
S. M. Rennels ads
Dr. Merrill ads
R. C. Yarnel ads
2 W. M. Long ads
A. G. Trude ads
P. B. Godsman ads
Louis Vogt ads
Dr. J. L. Pennington ads
G. W. Elsey ads
Geo. Kohn ads
3 J. H. Houseman ads
E. E. Houseman ads
J. A. Pratt ads
Chas Creglow ads
4 J. W. Clark ads
C. L. Crist ads
5 Legal Notices Rachel Van Houses homestead
Mary Leeper homestead
? Quinn homestead
Michael Quinn homestead
Dr. E. W. Thompson ads
Contest Notice William A. Wallers homestead
Lon E. Foote homestead
Charles L. Aurner homestead
Lon E. Thompson homestead
Notice for Publication Franklin C. Little homestead
J. W. Sparks homestead
J. D. Vitflow homestead
F. W. Rouchele homestead
T. C. Pilce homestead
Reuben W. Fackler homestead
Jesse Pinne homestead
Joel Bradshaw homestead
Joseph Smith homestead
John A. Fossler homestead
Eldorus H. (?) Waits homestead
Albert Waits homestead
Ray Marding homestead
William Clark homestead
Notice for Publication Francis E. Bouse homestead
G. H. Cowing homestead
George Ostraat homestead
Chas Parks homestead
Notice for Publication Anna J. Schmidke homestead
August Fenslow homestead
Godlieb Schlichenmayer homestead
John Schmidke homestead
Samuel Schmidke homestead
Notice for Publication Sarah K. Watts homestead
Irene Watts homestead
Milton Houseman homestead
Albert Watin homestead
William Clark homestead
Notice for Publication Jennie Pine homestead
Reuben W. Fackler homestead
Joel Bradshaw homestead
Joseph Smith homestead
John A. Foster homestead
Notice for Publication Harry F. Wettle homestead
A. N. Sainner homestead
Henry Johnson homestead
W. H. Hood homestead
M. Vinegar homestead
Notice for Publication Mary  M. Waggunaz (?) homestead
Charles W. Day homestead
Lewis Buck homestead
8 1 Dr. C. A. Gillette ads
C. W. McCurdy ads
Louis Rumrill ads
3 Dr. E. W. Thompson ads
4 F. L. Aten ads
9 Grant Steller ads

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